Process & quality

Creating a ceramic piece is a long process that can be full of surprises:

- Throwing the piece on the wheel  

- Let it dry at least a day so it gets a leathery texture

- Trimming the piece on the wheel 

- Create and attach handle (for mugs or pitchers for example)

- Possible decoration of the piece (such as carving)

- Let it dry very slowly otherwise it will crack during the firing process (at least 1 week)

- First fire in the kiln at a maximum of 980°C (3 days long)

- Decoration of the piece with colored slip and/or glaze

- Second fire in the kiln at a maximum of 1280°C (3 days long)

- Possible decoration with metallic glaze such as gold

- Third fire in the kiln at a maximum of 720°C (3 days long)


In light of this long process, no two pieces will end up exactly alike. 

But this is the beauty of artisanal work!