About Me

Shaz is my nickname...

My name has its origin in the Arabic tale of Sheherazade, the princess of the tale of « Thousand nights and One night » (for those who know it). With such a name, you can imagine how my life was destined to be adventurous. It’s a life where I realized that everything was possible as soon as I decided not let fear guide any of my decisions.

And this is how I have created my ceramic brand « Jungle in the City ».

My brand is a wish for our concrete cities. The wish to see their every inches to be covered by plants, flowers and trees.

E - v - e - r - y inch!

I personally live surrounded by plants, in a real urban jungle that I have created over time. This is my safe space, a true inner garden in all its meanings. 

I wish my ceramics to be charged with the same positive energy that nature radiates and hope that anybody who looks at them/touches them will feel this energy as well. 

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